4 Actions A Property Conveyancer Undertakes For Homebuyers

If you're buying your first home or if you simply haven't been privy to the process before, you should know that property conveyancing is integral to house buying. Property conveyancers undertake different kinds of actions to ensure clients meet their legal obligations during the buying and selling process. This guide equips you with knowledge of the role of property conveyancing professionals on behalf of homebuyers. Preparation And Certification Of Legal Documents

Buying Property on a Limited Budget -- Do You Need to Pay for a Conveyancer?

So, you're property hunting with a limited budget, and you're wondering where you can save some money. Is conveyancing something you can do for yourself? Read on to find out what conveyance is and whether you're up to the job. What Is Conveyance of Property? Very simply, conveyancing is the act of transferring ownership of a title of property or land from one owner to another. When you buy or sell your home, land or any kind of property, you have to sign legal documents such as a sales contract and maybe a mortgage and other documents.

Incorrectly Witnessed Wills - Grounds For Dispute

One of the grounds for contesting someone's will is that it was not witnessed legally, therefore rendering the execution of the document invalid and providing you with good reason to challenge it.  But what are the criteria that govern the legal witnessing a will? Read on to find out more. What defines a 'witness'? As far as the law is concerned, a 'witness' is defined as someone who observes a particular event; for example, the signing of a will is willing to confirm that the event actually happened What does the law say about witnessing a will?